Excessive Data Collection By Apps And Devices

How to stay safe online

In the Amazon Echo mobile application:

  • Go to Settings.

  • Click on Alexa Privacy → Manage how your data improves Alexa.

  • Switch off "Help improve Amazon Services and develop new features" and "Use messages to improve transcriptions".

For the google home application:

  • At the top right of the app, tap your account avatar.

  • Go to Assistant settings.

  • In the ‘You’ tab, tap on ‘Your data in the Assistant’.

  • Scroll down, find the personal detail you’d like to remove and delete.

For Apple HomePod:

  • Turn off active listening in the Apple HomePod with a direct voice command, "Hey Siri, stop listening."

  • In the Alexa mobile application:

    • Go to More and select settings

    • Go to Alexa Privacy

    • Then go to Manage Your Alexa Data and select Automatically delete recordings

    • Once you select that you will get the following options:-

      • Save Recordings until I delete them

      • Save my recording for 18 months (delete older ones automatically)

      • Save recording for three months (delete older ones automatically)

      • Don't save recording (delete any previous recording )

    • Select the last option. Alternatively, you can enable deletion by voice and say "delete everything I've said."
  • To delete individual recordings on Google Home app:

    • Go to Google Home App

    • Tap your personal icon in the top right corner, then select "My Activity"

    • Scroll through the list to find a voice recording you want to delete

    • Tap the three dots to the right and hit "Delete"

Here are some harms that you need to be cautious about

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You may not have, or be aware of, adequate grievance redressal mechanisms against digital abuse or harm on social media platforms.

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