Excessive Data Collection By Apps And Devices

How to stay safe online

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If you have an Android device:

  • Open the Settings

  • Tap Apps & Notifications

  • Tap the app you want to update

  • Tap Permissions

  • Choose which permissions you want the app to have, like Camera or Phone

Excessive Permissions

If you have an iOS device:

  • Open the Settings

  • Tap Privacy to see all available permissions

  • Tap on any entry to see the apps granted those permissions

  • Disable any permissions that are not needed

Excessive Permissions

While installing an app on your mobile device, many apps will ask for camera, microphone or location access, but these permissions may not actually be required for proper app functioning. Give only a few access permissions based on your best judgement. You can always change the settings later.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this app need access to my data for it to work properly?

  • Does the app need access to location, camera or microphone all the time or just temporarily?

  • Do I trust this company with my data?

Sometimes, it makes sense to grant access - Google Maps for example, requires access to your location.

As part of the iOS 14 update, Apple indicates whether an app is accessing your camera or microphone by illuminating a green or orange dot on the top half of the screen.

On iOS: To ensure data on your smartphone is only being collected when required, you can change access permissions in “Settings” on your phone. Click into each app and change preferences to “While Using The App.”

On Android, toggle “App Level Permissions” in the security menu and turn off access for apps you want to restrict.

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You may not have, or be aware of, adequate grievance redressal mechanisms against digital abuse or harm on social media platforms.

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